About Us

"Upon our children

- how they are taught - rests the fate - or fortune - of tomorrow's world".

- B.C. Forbes
Enrollment: 131 Students
Student to Teacher Ratio: 6:1
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Faculty & Staff

Our learning objectives stress the acquisition and application of knowledge; it is our goal to inspire each child to embark on a journey of education that will last throughout their lives. Each of our caring, devoted, and valued teachers use the latest teaching techniques and methods to ensure students of all abilities have the opportunity to learn.

Our experienced and accredited teachers, come from different backgrounds, different degrees and have 25+ years of educational experience. They all have one thing in common, they all love their students.

Board Members

Dr. Rashed Rashed, Dentist
Dr. Abdeslem Elidrissi, College Professor at CUNY
Dr. Hammad Choudhry, Kidney Specialist
Br. Waheed Melook, Software Engineer/Lead Systems Analyst at Tyco Telecom


Sr. Ghada Abdel-Halim
Sr. Ghada takes pride in serving the Al-Ghazaly School community that has been leading one of the most distinguished Islamic Schools in the Tri-State area for more than five years. Sr. Ghada is an experienced external review team member working with schools seeking accreditation and improvement. With prior experiences, she is currently a certified Supervisor of Education by the State of New Jersey.
Sr. Ghada Abdel-Halim has been in the Educational field for more than eighteen years. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Education, and a Masters of Arts in Early Childhood Education. As a certified elementary teacher by the State of New Jersey, she worked for many years as an elementary and middle school teacher prior to joining Al-Ghazaly School.
Some of her contributions to Al-Ghazaly School include: the expanded and enhanced Early Childhood program, and she assisted in implementing teaching practices to help enrich each age group's learning processes. Furthermore, she has established the school- wide educators Peer Visitation & Experience Exchange Program as well as the Accelerated Quran Program that emphasizes Quran memorization according to tajweed rules and translation. With the above efforts, she strives to maintain: professionalism, motivation for students to grow, and high quality education.


Sr. Aayah Elhosary
B.S. in Accounting and Management, Rutgers, Business School
Working towards teacher certificate
Summa Cum Laude, Beta Gamma Sigma, Honor Society
Dean's list all 4 years of College
Spelling Bee Judge for the past 3 years
English and Math tutor
Substitute Teacher
Teaching Philosophy:
"Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education." -Martin Luther King Jr. My goal as a teacher is to not only teach, but build character as well. I strive to make teaching fun by creating a bond with my students.

Sr. Aiya M. Fawzy , 2nd Grade, Core Subjects
Bachelors in Arts and Sciences, psychology, Rutgers University
Noble Leadership Academy, AP World History, History teacher 5-12th Grade
Al-Minhaal Academy, 2nd grade teacher
Rutgers University, Arabic Professor's Assistant Rutgers University, Psychology Professor's Assistant
Broadway House for Continuing Care, Intern, Activities Department Model United Nations Faculty Advisor, middle school and high school
Teaching Philosophy:
"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose."- Dr. Suess
Each and every student is capable of academic success. Every child has the right to learn and grow. I believe each and every child has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. In order to ignite the passion for learning comes from an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher. My students build self-esteem and confidence while achieving their learning goals, with my guidance and support. Positive interactions and experiences I share with my students every day is a basis of my teaching philosophy. Teaching is not just a career it is a passion. By stating that, I will help children to develop their potential by believing in them as capable individuals. Being capable of discovering who they are, to be capable of becoming the best they can be.

Sr. Amna Mohamed , Kindergarten, Core Subjects
Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education, International Montessori Teaching Certificate (ages 3-6)
Teaching Pre-K and KG at Al-Ghazaly School since 1994. Ten years of experience outside of AGS.
Teaching Philosophy:
Integration is the key to comprehension. Relating English to Science, Math and Social Studies; building on personal experiences, and encompassing Islam throughout all subjects.

Awards and Associations:
Honored twice in the "Who's Who among American Teachers", and the Cambridge "Who's Who among American Professionals". Member of the New Jersey Association of Kindergarten Educators and the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Sr. Ayesha Begum
Bachelors of Engineering in Computer & Science, Madras University, India
Gold medalist in Computer Science
Ten years of experience in Information Technology Field
Worked as Regional Trainer, Business Analyst and Software Developer in my career
Teaching Philosophy:
Teaching is a great profession in which you can share your knowledge with others. Teaching a child is a gift from Allah. I like to teach students with fun. Each child is different and I like to work with them to bring their own potential to the world.

Sr. Duaa Mohamed Orabi , Quran and Islamic Studies Teacher
Graduated from Azharic Institution 4 years; Ijazah from Al-Azhar; Sanad from a highly qualified Sheikh
4 years training at Azharic Institution; 4 years as a teacher
Teaching Philosophy:
Teach the students how to apply Quran into their life and to have Islamic standards in everything, and to be responsible and positive contributors to society. My ultimate goal as a teacher is to educate, motivate and inspire students to value life long learning.

Sr. Fathima Sulaiman , Science Teacher
BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology, Staffordshire University, UK
Higher Diploma in Business Information Technology, APIIT, Malaysia
Diploma in Computing and Information Technology, APIIT, Malaysia
Lecturer for the undergraduate program in Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Final Year Project - supervisor and batch mentor
Business Development Executive for Kent Academy of Career Training and Digital Science, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Teacher for students aged 10 to 14 at Futurekids, Informatics, Sri Lanka
Teaching Philosophy:
My philosophy is to follow in the footsteps of the greatest teacher that ever lived - Prophet Muhammad (SAWS). InshaAllah I hope to strive not only in achieving phenomenal academic results but also in building good character and confident personalities in our children on a sound Islamic foundation, so that they may make a positive difference in the world. Ameen.

Sr. Hadeer Salaheldin
BA in Communication; Print Journalism, William Paterson University
Teaching Philosophy:
I use my knowledge to teach students and engage them in learning as individuals and as a group. I believe in creating a comfortable environment in the classroom for students to ask questions and better their understanding in all subjects. Aside from teaching, I believe in setting a good example for students to follow and InshaAllah I hope to be a good role model to each of them.

Sr. Heba AbouBakr
BS in Computer Science, University of Massachusetts Completed graduate courses in Elementary Education
Grades 3 and 4 homeroom teacher, Clarkston, GA
Substitute teacher, Clarkston, GA and Sharon, MA
Homeschool teacher, Boston, MA
Student teaching (Grade 1) Quincy, MA
Teaching Philosophy:
My goal in teaching has been and will always be, to create an educational partnership with students that will ultimately foster a passion for knowledge. As a mother of three children, I can certainly attest to the importance of education in a child's life. My experiences along with my love of learning have all led me to my teaching philosophy, one that is based on kindness, respect, and individuality. I believe in developing positive character in each child, challenging each student's strengths while improving upon the weaknesses, and most of all, I believe in teaching students to create, questions and explore throughout their lifetimes, InshaAllah.

Sr. Hebatalla Moustafa
B.S. in Chemistry and Microbiology
2 years of experience teaching and lab technician
Teaching Philosophy:
My philosophy on teaching science is to use hands on activities. The only way students are really going to learn is to experience science for themselves.

Sr. Hend Abbas
Holds Certificate of completion for intro to Early Childhood Education
Teaching Philosophy:
I am reminded of an old motto, "It may have taken two people to create a child, but it takes a community as a whole to raise that child." As children are different, it is extremely important to realize that each child is entitled to have a formal education that would allow him/her to reach to the very top of their position. Through "hands on" teaching, children are able to grasp subject matter and retain it for the future. Children grasp material that is presented to them when they use more than one of their senses. Through exploration of the material though their senses, sight, hearing, and touch, the students will be able to associate the material. Therefore, they will have the ability to recall the material at a later time. As educators it is imperative to help with the fundamental forming of each child's foundation of education. While each child learns at their own pace, we must be able to differentiate and target each students' highest learning potential, InshaAllah.

Sr. Izdihar Daoud , Arabic and Islamic Studies
Bachelor's Degree in Education from Mo'tah University, Degree from Queen Aliyaa University
13 Years teaching in Jordan, 11 Years teaching in American Islamic Schools.

Sr. Javairia Ahmad , English Teacher
Bachelor's in Secondary Education and English, NJCU.
Teaching Philosophy:
With passion, commitment and dedication, students can achieve their goals.

Sr. Magda Eisa , Arabic and Islamic Studies Teacher
Bachelors of Arts in Business
With Alghazaly since it has opened its doors in '84. Has been teaching at Al-Ghazaly since '89
Teaching Philosophy:
I aim to engage the students by using modern methods to instill a connection to Islam that will last a lifetime

Sr. Munzarin Khader
Bachelor's degree in History, Economics and Political Science
2 years certificate course in fashion design (draping, sketching and pattern making)
I was the Pre-K teacher's aide and arts and crafts teacher (grades 1-8) at Al-Ghazaly School 2013
Teaching Philosophy:
"Teaching is one profession that creates all other professions." I hope to bring lots of fun activities and a fun learning atmosphere for them InshaAllah

Sr. Nahed Hassen , Mathematics Teacher
Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Alexandria, Egypt
Earned certificate from the state of NJ in Elementary School Teaching K-5
Earned certificate from the state of NJ as Math teacher for grades 5-8, June 2013
Completed 24 pre-service program in, March of 2013
Enrolled in New Pathways to teaching in NJ
Substitute teacher in 3 districts, Bogota/Bergenfield/Paterson, NJ
Teaching Philosophy:
I believe that every child has the potential to learn and achieve greatness. It is the job of the teacher to facilitate this process by creating the necessary environment where students want to learn and perform at their best. Ongoing assessment is necessary to provide the correct and necessary individualized support the moment it is needed to promote the achievement of standards by playing to the student's strengths and improving their weaknesses. Therefore, I choose a variety of options and different styles to teach to accommodate to everyone's learning styles. I work to my best ability to help all the students excess knowledge in the class.

Sr. Rana Abuhega , Pre-K Assistant
B.S. in Biochemistry, Alexandria University, Egypt
Lab technician, 3 years
Teaching Philosophy:
I plan to teach the students well, in a fun and loving environment and let them lead the way. I want my students to connect with the Quran and Arabic and especially will work with them and learn in an Islamic environment.

Sr. Rizwana Choudhry , Science Teacher
M.S. in Chemistry, University of the Punjab, Lahore-Pakistan
Major: Biochemistry
Thesis: "To Establish the Normal Ranges Of T4, T3, and TSH Hormones" at INMOL RIA Laboratories, Lahore-Pakistan
Advisor: Tariq Bashir Sipra, Principal Scientific Officer, Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Oncology, Lahore-Pakistan
Science Teacher for 5 years.
Science Olympiad coach for 5 years.
Junior Robotics-Summer Camp coach for 3 years.
Teaching Philosophy:
My teaching philosophy about education comes from a hadith that says, "The best of you is one who gives a good education (intellectual and moral) to his children". My goal is to bring the love of science to all Al-Ghazaly children.

Sr. Sadieh Najib
Bachelors of Arts in Business
16 years at Al-Ghazaly, and they have been the most rewarding of my 26-year career.
Teaching Philosophy:
It is my dream and I have made it my mission to educate young Muslim children as though they are my own. I have taught them Arabic with the utmost dedication and commitment, and I have worked hard to give them a background in all that this beautiful language encompasses. My many years at Al-Ghazaly have made me realize that it is more than a school, or a community of people. It is a family. I have enjoyed interacting with the students, parents and teacher that make up the school. I hope to continue doing so in the future.

Sr. Samar Mattar , Physical Education Teacher
Bachelor's in Physical Education Helwan University, Cairo Egypt.
13 years experience in teaching and physical training.

Sheik Ibrahim ElGazzar , Quran Teacher
Sr. Sumayyah Hussain , Mathematics Teacher
Bachelor's in Mathematics (B.Sc.)
Bachelor's in Education (B.Ed.)
Certificate in Computing
4 years teaching 8th to 10th Grade Math (Algebra and Geometry) and Physics, Mumbai, India
4th year working at Al-Ghazaly School as a middle school Math teacher
Teaching Philosophy:
"A teacher affects eternity; he/she can never tell where his/her influence stops."


In addition to our teachers, we are blessed to have a wonderful, supportive staff that works together in true team spirit.

Sr. Marwa Ali, Administrative Assistant
Education: BBA in Management Information Systems, Pace University, NYC.
Experience: 5 years as an Assistant Manager with CVS Pharmacy
4 years with Al-Ghazaly School as Administrative Assistant
Philosophy: As we treat others, so shall we be treated.

Sr. Zahra Bouzbiba, Lunch Associate

Sr. Mervat Eid, Paraprofessional
Education: Bachelor's in Psychology, Certified Pre-k 3
Experience: 8 years

Br. Ziad Hassan, Physical Education Teacher; Basketball Coach

Sr. Muna Nurhussen, Pre-K Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies
Education: Certificate in child development associate and memorization of Quran (some juzu) with tajweed
Experience: 3 years teaching Islamic Studies in Sunday school (overseas)
5 years working at Al-Ghazaly School
Philosophy: The objective of Islamic Education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. "The mind grows on what it feeds on."

Sr. Azza Sanad, Paraprofessional
Education: Associates Degree in Accounting
Experience: 22 years experience working with children

Sr. Hanaa Shbeek, Kindegarten, Paraprofessional
Education: Business diploma, working towards degree in Early Childhood Education
Experience: 18 years in Islamic Schools, 6 years overseas

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